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A Cup of Tea

There is no reason
why you aren’t you
and why everything else
isn’t fitting in
which is why you are
you and why
everything else
is fitting in
quite nicely.

Found Music

The rain
can’t keep me down,
no. It’s a steel drum
bop bop bop bop
on the hood of this car.
A song
to take me home.

Sunrise: A Summary

then light
with a few unsure moments
in between.

A Mist in 3/4 Time

The rain isn’t really coming down
according to the streetlight.
I peek up, and he shows me
that it’s just a million tiny little drops
scurrying back and forth —
in the key of Autumn.

Believe Me, My Stomach’s No Better

This green tea is just past lukewarm.
I’m sorry, lil’ leaves,
but the next stop for you
is the drain.

Isn’t it Wonderful Out There?

Once you stop
lookin’ at the world that way,
well, I’m just not sure
you can see anything
at all.

Or At Least It Sure Sounds That Way

The rain outside the window
is cooking bacon on a hot skillet.

I just know it.

Well Traveled

Eating an imported granola bar from Australia.

Seems this little guy’s
seen more of the world
than I have.

A Season Waking Up

I’m not sure if it was the rain from last night,
or the way the sun
is peeking out from behind the last of the overcast,
but it’s so damn beautifully autumn out
this morning.

Don’t Fall Backwards While Running Side to Side

Making plans, plans, plans
and I couldn’t be happier.

Just gotta keep myself focused

Can’t let go
of that balloon of hope
while we’re runnin’ around all day.

Maybe, if you’ve time later,
you could
tie it to
my wrist.