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The Man You’ll Be Marrying

March 26, 2012

Sometimes I like to dress up a bit,
even when I don’t have to
for my job,
just to look nice for you
when I get home.

I iron a blue dress shirt,
take out my gray slacks,
and don my dress shoes;
I’ll take time in the morning
to make sure my hair is
just right;
spray some of that cologne you like;

and at my desk during lunch time,
I think to myself, “OK, you can do this.
Just stay clean and presentable
until tonight.”

But, inevitably, your needle-in-a-hay-stack eyes
seek out some salsa I’d never have seen
on my sleeve,
and you say, with the most kissable smile
my lips were ever privileged to meet,

“so close.”


From → Poems

  1. Delightful ending to the poem.

  2. ha! i second what Charles said – adorable ending!

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